Common Causes and Solutions For Noisy Garage Doors

Garage doors can suddenly and unexpectedly change from being as quiet as a dormouse to sounding like one of those vehicle crushers at the junkyard. Isn’t it? The stretching and grinding noise can be disturbing. Then, the question might come to you about how to stop this.

Understanding what causes odd garage door sounds like popping, pounding, rattling, and screeching, will help you identify the proper steps to fix it. This article will outline typical reasons for a noisy garage door, how to address them, and how to maintain your garage door to stop loud noises from occurring again

Causes of Garage Door Noises

  1. Rusty Springs – The garage door’s springs carry out all the intensive lifting. Simply said, these get things moving. The springs must be checked and greased frequently because they are so important in lifting the door. The springs will rust if they are ignored for a long period. And one day you’ll realize that your garage door is no longer the nice, quiet machine it always was.
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  1. Improper Installation – A properly installed garage door would be quiet and easy to open and close. If your garage door is giving you trouble, there might have been an issue during installation. Keep an eye out for these indications of poor garage door installation:

    1. The garage door jams halfway open.
    2. It has trouble opening and closing.
    3. Loud grinding, screaming, or rattling noises are frequently heard.

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  1. Insufficient Lubrication – Lubrication is necessary to keep a garage door away from jamming or freezing, but it might lose its effectiveness with time. You can hear noises like rattling, squeaking, screeching, grinding, or vibrating if your garage door parts are not properly greased.
  1. Unbalanced Doors – When your garage door is out of balance, you could hear loud noises like banging and thumping. Your torsion spring may have broken if you hear a loud snap. In these situations, it is advised to consult a qualified garage door mechanic rather than attempt the spring repair yourself because it could be risky.
  1. Faulty Garage Door Openers – Belt drives, screws, and chains provide the energy that drives and operates garage door openers. If not kept up with, any of these devices might produce noise.

For instance, the belt could screech loudly after becoming loose or the screw drive could create a scraping sound while rubbing on the rack. Noises from the garage door opener, such as grinding, are frequently heard when the door is having trouble opening and shutting.

Solutions To Noisy Garage Doors

You don’t want to deal with a noisy garage door. Your peace may be disturbed and irritated by the unwanted noises. The biggest issue with garage door noise is that it frequently signifies an issue. As a result, if it is not resolved right once, it could lead to subsequent major harm and even injuries.


The following methods will enable your garage door to be quieter:

  1. Tighten Nuts And Bolts
  2. Re-tightening these bolts and screws with a wrench and socket set may nearly entirely quiet the garage door. You run the danger of stripping the lag screw holes or tearing the carriage bolt heads through the garage door if you overtighten this hardware. You must practice safety measures before servicing your garage door.
  1. Proper Lubrication
  2. The parts of the door may be at fault if your garage door makes a loud noise when opening or shutting, particularly if it creates a squeaking or grinding noise. To ensure easy gliding motions as you open or close the garage door, the parts must occasionally be lubricated. These parts will make loud noises and even develop permanent damage that needs repair if you don’t lubricate them.
  1. Install Nylon Rollers
  2. The door can rise and fall in a controlled manner since the rollers keep it firmly attached to the tracks. Because the tracks are made of metal, the door’s movement tends to be accompanied by a lot of creaking, screaming, and scraping noises. By substituting nylon rollers for the metal ones, you may significantly reduce the noise the door makes. Although these will cost more than steel rollers, the difference won’t be too great. Additionally, the expenditure will be more than justified due to the noise decrease.

  1. Replace The Hinges

    The garage door hinges can deteriorate over time, much like springs and rollers do. Therefore, if you believe these are the source of the loud noises and lubricating has not worked, it may be time for a replacement. Verify if the hinges are damaged before deciding to replace them. Hinge problems can occasionally be caused by dust collection. If dust is the reason, cleaning thoroughly might fix the issue. The only option if there is actual damage is to purchase new hinges.

  1. Switch To A Belt Drive From The Chain DriveChain drive garage door openers are a popular device as these are often the least expensive form of opener. Sadly, they also have the loudest voices. Ask the garage door opener repair company to replace your chain drive opener with an almost silent belt drive opener if you want to make the garage a quieter space. The amount of noise in the garage and the rest of the house will be significantly decreased.

    The above-mentioned adjustments might greatly help to lessen the excessive noise in your doors whether these are residential garage doors or commercial garage doors.

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