Comprehensive Guide for Different Types of Garage Doors

Every day, we make several decisions. Many factors affect each of our decisions. We need to be more careful while making long-term decisions or if it is concerned with the safety of you and your loved ones. Choosing a garage door can be challenging as it is long-term as well as related to the safety of the house. 


There are several different types of commercial and residential garage doors based on the material, size, style, and technology. So, we suggest understanding your needs and choosing the best garage door from a wide range of options. To help you with the right selection, we have created a useful guide listing all the different garage door types.

Different Types of Garage Doors

  1. Sectional Garage Doors – 

    These kinds of Garage Doors are the most popular type of garage door. They are affordable, simple to use, and not prone to issues. They have horizontal parts that bend at the hinges, for the door to roll up and curve to follow the contour of the front of the garage to the ceiling.

  3. Sectional garage doors are available in various materials. The least expensive option is aluminium, but it is also more prone to dents. Although wood needs maintenance, it may be painted or stained to perfectly complement your house. Glass can be risky but it offers a contemporary aesthetic that is unmatched.
Comprehensive Guide for Different Types of Garage Doors:
  1. Roll-up Garage Doors –

  2. When a roll-up garage door is opened, it begins to roll around a barrel that is located above the garage door opening. The door has horizontal slats which enable the door to bend and curve. There aren’t many homes that have roll-up garage doors. These garage door designs are frequently seen in warehouses and commercial garages.
  1. Side Hinged Garage Doors

    Side-hinged garage doors in Surrey BC are an old style that open and close from a hinged frame on either side of the entrance. They are normally constructed of wood and resemble big barn doors; however, more commercial galvanized steel doors are also offered. These traditional doors have become increasingly popular recently, particularly for garages with constraints or little headroom. You may buy pre-hung steel frames for side-hinged garage doors or have them modified to fit an existing opening. With the aid of unique conversion arms, they can also be automated.
  1. Slide to Side Garage Doors –

    One of the earliest techniques of opening a garage door is to slide to the side or round the corner. These days, it’s rare to see garage doors open in this manner. 

  2. Slide to the side garage doors bend to the side and run parallel to the wall rather than bending upward and parallel to your ceiling. In a garage with limited headroom, you may see a slide-to-the-side garage door, but even then, they are not very common.
  1. Tilt-Up Garage Doors

    Tilt-up, unlike sectional and slide-to-the-side garage doors don’t have sections. They tilt up and into your garage when opened. There are two types of tilt-up garage doors:-

    1. Tilt-up Canopy Garage Door: Tilt-up, unlike sectional and slide-to-the-side garage doors don’t have sections. They tilt up and into your garage when opened. 
    1. Tilt-up Retractable Garage Door: It works like a canopy garage door, however, while it is open, no portion of the garage door protrudes from your home. A tilt-up retractable garage door requires more area than a tilt-up canopy garage door since the door is suspended separately from the frame.
  1. Carriage House Double Garage Doors –

    Carriage garage doors are made with panelling to resemble carriage-style doors for a very traditional, reliable appearance. Typically, these garage doors swing open to provide you with extra space inside. They aren’t as fashionable right now, but we adore this design, particularly with a double line of fitted windows.

Different Garage Door Materials

  1. Steel:

    A steel door is a better choice if you are concerned about the amount of maintenance that a wood garage door requires and it may last much longer without the need for much upkeep. Steel is used more often since it is the most economical. However, if not insulated it may result in increased energy costs.  
  1. Aluminium: 

  2. Aluminium garage door panels alleviate the corrosion issue, but they are more prone to dents. These garage doors are the most recent designs, with translucent panels that resemble windows and an aluminium frame. They also come in a wide range of hues and modern brushed finishes.
  1. Vinyl: 

  2. Vinyl doors are easier to clean and have a better look. It looks like wood, is lightweight, requires little upkeep, and is a reasonably priced choice. On the downside, it is prone to severe temperatures thus making it work best in mild climates
  1. Wood: 

  2. Wood is the most used material for garage doors, even while being expensive and requiring constant upkeep. Wood garage doors are constructed with layers to avoid warping. Redwood, fir, cedar, and meranti are some of the woods. Wood doors can be factory stained or painted, or finished ons
  1. Wood Composite: 

  2. This material won’t need as much paint as a wooden door would and has a natural grain that gives it a wood appearance. However, because it isn’t customizable, there aren’t many alternatives available.

  1. Fiberglass : 

    Fiberglass garage doors are less prone to denting or cracking. They don’t rust, but they can shatter when hit. Typically, Polyurethane insulation is poured between two layers of fibreglass that are attached to a steel frame.
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