Garage Door Maintenance in Winters

If you didn’t notice, the weather has begun to cool off. Winter is coming rapidly, and you will start preparing yourself for long nights and chilly days.


It often entails checking that your heating system is functioning correctly and caulking any cracks or crevices through which chilly air may enter your home. It might also indicate that the chimney needs to be cleaned.


But you might forget the most important thing-“garage door”


Maintenance of various components is mandatory when the cold weather arrives, including your heater, roof, and even garage door. The track needs to be clear from debris, tighten the hardware, and every component lubricated.


During the winter, heat loss and other issues can be exacerbated by faulty and inadequately insulated doors. We advise you to take care of any garage door repair or maintenance needs as soon as possible before the weather gets bitterly cold in Surrey, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas.


It is a cup of tea to get your garage door ready to operate in the cold. Simply put, it needs some planning and upkeep, most of which are inexpensive tasks.

Garage Door Maintenance in Winters

Maintenance of Garage Doors in Winter

Take the time to perform routine preventative care and maintenance on your garage door if you want to ensure that it runs properly for many years. It is crucial to give more attention to your garage doors, especially when it is the time of winter. In this guide, we will go over some garage door maintenance tips for winter to prevent breakdowns. Have a look at these points for abundant knowledge:

Lubricate All Parts of The Garage Door

Just before winter, when temperatures are at their lowest, is an excellent time to lubricate all the moving components because the cold can make your doors brittle. Your garage doors will operate more smoothly even as the weather turns extremely cold if you lubricate them.  

    • Steel, the material used for the tracks, is prone to heat cracking. Lubrication aided in its maintenance.
    • The torsion spring requires it to be lubricated to prevent rust and make movement easier.
    • Lubrication is needed to ensure the smooth motion of the rollers that make contact with the tracks.
    • For proper operation, the pivot points of the hinges need to be lubricated.

Correction of Garage Doors Springs

Because of cold weather, the door spring may acquire corrosion or become rusty. When garage door springs fail, the door cannot be raised manually or using an opener. To get your garage springs repaired, you should get in contact with professional garage door repair servicesYou can purchase garage door springs locally or online, but installing them is a crucial part of all. If you don’t take precautions, you might get hurt. 


In the process of doing this, people have lost fingers and shattered bones. To ensure the installation is completed safely, leave it to the experts.

Tighten The Hardware

Every year, garage doors swing up and down hundreds of times. When you repeatedly perform the same thing, you eventually get worn down, and the same is true for your garage door. The components will deteriorate and begin to loosen. You risk having these parts fall off if you don’t tighten them up from time to time. Tighten any brackets and bolts inside with a socket wrench whenever you are free.

Assess The Door Balance

Opening your garage in the winter while battling the wind and rain and wearing gloves can be challenging. The thing you want to ignore is a stiff or uneven garage door. It is a good opportunity to test the garage door and ensure that lifting the door is effortless and without too much pressure on either side. 


The opener will have to work harder if your garage door balance is off. You will likely need to repair it sooner than you’d want. Pulling the release handle will disconnect the opener. You can then raise the door roughly halfway by doing this.


You will need to call a specialist to fix the balance of your garage door if it doesn’t stay straight in place.

Check For Cracks While Cleaning The Weatherstripping.

As you are probably aware, your windshield wipers might stick to your car’s windshield. Actually, during the winter, this happens rather frequently. Your garage door may experience a similar situation. You should replace your rubber weather stripping right away if you find that it is cracked or dangerously near to becoming so.Your weather strip could get firmly frozen to the ground. You’ll have more than little difficulty opening the door if this occurs. If the stripping has any cracks, this is especially true to happen.

So, to prevent this problem, set aside some time in your day to dry your weather stripping. You should have it fixed as soon as possible if you find a crack in it.

Examine And Change Your Rollers.

When a garage door is opened or closed, the rollers on the door allow it to travel freely down its track. Regardless of the material used, your rollers must be inspected at least twice a year and replaced after seven. These values go up if you rely on your garage door a lot.


You must replace your rollers away if you inspect them and find that they are chipped or cracked. It isn’t that difficult to complete.

Examine Your Cables

Although it’s simple to spot broken cables, you should never attempt to repair them yourself. They can seriously injure you with their might, so leave it to the experts.


Examine the area next to the bottom roller bracket for any damage or broken strands. Before someone is wounded, it’s time for you to call a contractor and employ them to fix any evident damage.

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