Some Common Problems that Might Require Garage Door Repair Services

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Garage door repair services can be required for a variety of reasons. Garage doors are concerned with the security and protection of the home and reflect the charm of the house. Malfunctioning of the garage door parts can interrupt the opening, closing of the garage door and it can be very irritating. Garage doors can have many kinds of problems that need to be repaired timely.


 In this article, we will give you a complete guide to the common problems of the garage door that might need garage door repair services.



Garage doors might have different problems, different causes, and different solutions.

A door is a door! Right? Well not always. All the doors have different functions and features, Even the variety of the types of garage doors like the remote door garage door, manually garage door. Not only based on technology but there are different types of materials also that can differentiate the garage doors in Lower mainland, Canada.

Opening And Closing of The Garage Door: This is the most common problem. This can also include that the garage door wouldn’t close/open all the way. In this case, the door will be open halfway and then stuck. The most common causes are the door hinges, the door handle, and the door latch.  If these problems arised, then we have to go to a garage door repair company.

Broken Springs: Brokerage of the springs is also one of the common and usual problems that arise in the garage door. This can be due to several reasons. Springs get older and brittle over time, slamming the door too hard can break the springs of the garage door.

Broken springs can also be caused by several factors such as weather, or improper installation.

Difficulty With The Cables: Cables are made from steel wires, and they are what help to open and close the door. The cables usually break because of their constant use and exposure to extreme temperatures. The cables of the garage door are often susceptible to damage and can be difficult to replace. Cables can be tangled and can cause problems in the opening and closing of the door. Garage Door Repair Company can better guide you and help you with this.

 Bolts and Nuts: Losing the bolts and nuts over time is normal but we need to repair them immediately otherwise it can lead to serious problems. Another major cause is corrosion due to moisture or rust buildup on the screws and nuts that hold the hardware.

Malfunctioning of The Rollers: Damaged rollers are often caused by improper installation, rusting, and wear-and-tear over time. They can cause difficulties in opening and closing the door as well as make it difficult for the tracks to move smoothly. It can arise due to Dirt and debris buildup on the track, Rust on the track, and broken parts in the system.

Remote of The Door: Remote control garage doors are convenient and easy to use. The problems with the remote can be irritating and create inconvenience. If you are facing the same problem that the remote of the garage door is not working well it might be because the battery died, the battery needs to be cleaned or adjustments in the antenna.

Blocked Sensors: When you see a sensor is blocked, you should check the sensor and clean it. The sensor is blocked when the sensor cannot detect the beam of light coming from the transmitter. Sensors can be blocked due to dirt, snow, ice on the sensor lens.

Defect in The Transmitters: One of the main reasons for the malfunctioning in the garage door is the defect in transmitters. It can be because of the installation of the bad quality transmitters. A transmitter may fail to work if it is not properly aligned, or because it has been bumped or jarred. The defect in the transmitter may also arise because of the broken wire inside the door.

 Tips to Maintain The Garage Door:

Garage doors are an important part of the property but are mostly ignored by the property owners. As we know and mentioned earlier Garage doors are not only about beauty but it is also concerned with the protection and safety of the home. So we have to maintain it and pay more attention. Let’s jump to the tips to maintain the garage doors.

  1. If you are facing problems with the springs, we recommend the spring life of 10 years and it is better to replace it instead of repairing it again and again.
  2. Make sure the transmitters are properly aligned with the garage door and the angle of the transmitter should be correct.
  3. SNS Garage door suggests you use quality materials while installing.
  4. Be Cautious! If springs are already broken otherwise these can cause defects to the cables.
  5. Make sure the opener and cables are stored in a dry place.
  6. Nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened on time to avoid accidents.
  7. Inspection of the cables timely.
  8. Don’t store heavy items on the top of the opener.
  9. Consulting an experienced Garage Door Repair Company in the Lower mainland.

Garage door problems can be minor but can make a huge disaster so repair it on time and you can contact SNS Garage doors the Garage Door Repair Company and consult them anytime. We provide you with reliable and efficient garage door repair services in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.