Tips to Maintain your Garage Door

Since the garage door is the most extensive moving equipment in the home that may cause common garage door problems, maintaining the garage door is important for its well functioning.

Maintenance of the garage door is also directly concerned with the safety of the home. So, don’t neglect it, but get it repaired on time. Let’s maintain garage doors with us but first of all, we will discuss the common issues that can arise with garage doors.


➔ The most common problem can be difficulty opening and closing the garage door or when the garage door is halfway stuck. This might be because of the hinges, handles, and garage door latch.

➔ Breakage of the spring usually arises due to several reasons but the common reason can be the age of the spring or low-quality springs.

➔ You might also find difficulty with the cables that are the main part of opening and closing the garage door. These cables can break due to the high temperature.

➔ Loosening the bolts and nuts over time is also normal, but we need to repair it to avoid any serious problems.

➔ Improper installation and rusting can damage the rollers. With the damage to these rollers, tracks will have difficulty moving smoothly.

Many more problems can arise with your garage doors but timely maintenance can help to help owners to prevent damages.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Professional Garage Door Repair Service

  1. Safety – One of the heaviest single-piece components of your home is your garage door. There are several cases of people who have been severely hurt when attempting to fix their garage doors on their own. Handling repairs on your own and without the proper tools and knowledge can be quite risky. Therefore, never try to attempt garage door repairs without the presence of a skilled expert because “Accidents hurt, Safety doesn’t.”
  1. A Remarkable Fixing – You may not be completely familiar with how a garage door works. So why would you take the chance and put yourself under stress? An expert has the right expertise, tools, and experience to do the work effectively. If your garage door requires replacement components, you can rely on professionals to use only high-quality spares that will maintain the smooth operation of your door for a longer period.
  1. A Right Selection – A garage door service provider can help you with the right selection. The selection of garage door materials can be assisted by expert garage door service providers. The expert garage door repair mechanics in Surrey, BC can assist you in making the right choice of materials for a new garage door. They have the essential skills to handle a variety of garage door issues. They can even assist you in choosing the ideal garage door.
  1. WarrantyWarranties are important because they make sure that repairs would be made correctly and if still, any problem arises, corrective action will be taken. Professional repairs are often backed by a warranty on all parts. This is something you will not have if you intend to service the garage door yourself. The professionals provide you with peace of mind in the situation when a garage door problem arises and you may require repairs.
  1. Saves Your Time – As we have read above garage door installation needs expertise and skills and it can also be time-consuming but following an introductory Do-It-Yourself video from Google or YouTube will be just an absolute waste of time. So, Simply pull out your phone, dial an expert, and you’re done.
  1. Affordability – If you are applying DIY hacks, it can be highly expensive to buy all the components and tools needed for garage door repairs. Spending only a little money will allow you to secure your deal. You will ultimately save a lot of money and energy by working with a garage door repair company.

When Do You Require Garage Door Repair And Maintenance?

  1. Noisy Door – Most of the time old garage doors creak and strain while opening and closing, but if the noise is extreme, there may be an issue with your spring, the opener’s backer, or the opener itself.
  1. When your door stops functioning – You definitely need to get your garage door repaired when it unexpectedly stops opening or closing This can happen for several reasons, including a bad connection between a door and the control panel.
  1. Slow Response Time – You need to keep track of how long it takes for your door to respond when you give it instructions. Typically, once you press the opener, it should start to open or close in a matter of seconds. Then, it must open or close without any hitches or delays. Any delays in operation might be a sign that your garage door or the opener isn’t working properly.
  1. Energy Consumption – Older garage doors could not be well insulated and are probably going to let heat and draughts in, which will drastically raise your energy bills. A garage door with tighter seals and insulating polyurethane panels would be an appealing replacement in this situation. Your investment will be soon covered up by the savings you’ll notice on the energy bills.
  1. The Door is Off the Tracks – A garage door must operate within the tracks using rollers. There may be times, it comes off the rails. Usually, this occurs when a door is broken or in poor condition. A professional can check the issue and, if required, replace the key components to ensure their proper functionality.

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The List of Garage Door Maintaining Points

Inspect the garage door thoroughly:

Be vigilant and Inspect the garage door properly. You may find many signs of malfunctioning the garage door. You can look at the garage door properly and might hear some creepy noise while opening/closing garage doors.

Do check whether the garage door is moving smoothly. If the sides of the garage doors are symmetrical or not? Keep on checking these signs and always prefer inspection of the garage door about twice a year.

Maintenance of the hardware:

As loosening of the hardware with time and with usage is quite common. Examining all the hardware and tightening all with time is always recommended. These hardware includes roller brackets, bolts, nuts, bolas with a socket wrench, cables, hinges, and garage door rollers.

Inspect and clean the tracks:

Never ignore the dust on tracks and make sure you clean the debris properly. Then, also inspect if the tracks are perfectly vertical or not.

If your cables of the garage door need small adjustments then might you can do that easily but for major track adjustments, call the professionals.

Inspection of the rollers:

Inspect the rollers and know if they need repair or replacement. Otherwise, replacement of the rollers should be done after every five to seven years. If the rollers are cracked, chipped, or worn, they would be preferred to be replaced.

 Caution: Get professional/expert guidance before removing the rollers.

Adjust the speed:

Having an accurate speed to open and close the garage door is a must. If your garage door is tight or loose while opening or closing the garage door, repair it on time.
If you are not repairing it, it can loosen the hardware and create further major damage.

Service of the chain and belts:

Inspect the garage door belts and chain. Door operators. Inspection of the garage door’s chain and belts would be recommended if you hear groaning/slapping sounds while the garage door is operating. Tight the chain and belts and get service of these on time.

Replace weatherstripping:

Replace the weatherstrips, if the strips are brittle, or cracked. These seals protect the space from invading elements and improve energy efficiency.

Lubricate the moving parts of the garage door:

keep your garage door parts greased. You can use lithium grease for the opener’s chain and screws. To coat the overhead springs, you can also spray lubricant.

Auto Reverse feature:

This is one of the most required safety features for the garage door. This helps in the automatic detection of car pet, person, or anything else that comes under the garage door and forces the garage door to reverse quickly.

Don’t forget to take all the safety measures. Maintain the balance of the garage door and it should not slip. Adjust and align the sensors. Replace the rollers on time (within five and seven years). Garage door rollers, more than 20 years old, will lose the safety concerns and need to be replaced. Scheduled the inspection on time. Make a contract with the company especially for commercial properties, so that they visit you without wasting time in scheduling again and again.

The most important tip for maintenance is to get the repairing and regular service done by professionals. If you are looking for a suitable company, then SNS Garage Door in Langley, BC can be the preferred choice. We have a team of experts that provides satisfactory services for residential and commercial garage doors. You can contact us anytime.